About us

F&C Mexican Fine Crafts sells decorative pieces of great artistic and cultural value along with the promise to improve the economic and living opportunities of marginalized groups in Mexico. Our company rests on two simple but powerful ideas:

-Mexican artisans, traditionally belonging to extremely poor communities, should have the opportunity of leading a meaningful and financially stable life.

-Mexican crafts are true works of folk art and, therefore, they should be valued as such.

F&C is focused on creating a global sales market with the goal of highlighting Mexico’s rich cultural heritage in order to create fair wage jobs for Mexican artisans and to improve living conditions in some communities.  Also, F&C Mexican Fine Crafts is committed to the preservation of traditional artistic techniques which have been in use for centuries in Mexico.

Ours is a labor of love for our traditions and our people. We respect the value of other people’s work and the beauty they create with their hands.

Finally, my heart understands it;
I hear a song,
I see a flower
Behold, they will not wither!

In ancient Mexico, among Náhuatl speaking people, poetry was called in xóchitl in cuícatl (flower and song). Through words, their poets created unlimited beauty, a world full of songs, flowers, moons, and love. Modern craftsmen create just that, but with different materials: brightly colored paint, aromatic woods and natural fibers.

This new type of poetry, created by skillful hands, can change the reality of dozens of people in Mexico. With the help of others, social change and cultural preservation are possible.  F&C’s customers buy tangible poetry and make a real difference in the lives of talented artisans.